Our Wildfire Solutions documentary won Best Environmental Visions Film at the Sacramento International Film Festival. It is now available on Amazon.com

Not If, But When: Wildfire Solutions (2020) trailer 2 – a film by Radu Sava & Rebekah Hood-Sava

A Californian Original: The Gray Pine Story (3 minutes) a film by Radu Sava

Briar Patch Co-oop ad by Radu Sava


Wonder Plant Woman vs the Invasive Plant Monster  (10 minutes) a film by Louise Miller and Radu Sava

Apollo Olive Oil ad by Radu Sava

Julius Caesar 2014 a film by Nicolas Walker, filmed and edited by Radu Sava

The History of Ballet, short documentary directed by Natasha Gamolsky, edited by Radu Sava 

Veridian Symphony ad by Radu Sava and Nicolas Walker

Cooking videos for Five Chefs One Kitchen You Tube Channel – by Radu Sava

Belonging, a short documentary by Ruth Chase, filmed and co-edited by Radu Sava

Filaki Farms ad by Radu Sava

Veridian Symphony live performance, filmed and edited by Radu Sava (2016)

Music Teachers’ Association of California ad directed by Dustin Breshears, filmed and edited by Radu Sava (2016)