2021 Video Production Demo Reel

Our documentary “Not If, But When: Wildfire Solutions won Best Environmental Visions Film at the Sacramento International Film Festival and Best Wildfire Prevention Film (€500) at the SunChild International Environmental Festival.

It is now available on Amazon.com

Not If, But When: Wildfire Solutions (2020) trailer – a film by Radu Sava & Rebekah Hood-Sava

A Californian Original: The Gray Pine Story – a mini-documentary written and directed by Radu Sava

Wonder Plant Woman vs the Invasive Plant Monster  (10 minutes) a film by Louise Miller and Radu Sava

Julius Caesar 2014 a film by Nicolas Walker, filmed and edited by Radu Sava

The History of Ballet, short documentary directed by Natasha Gamolsky, edited by Radu Sava 

Belonging, a short documentary by Ruth Chase, filmed and co-edited by Radu Sava

Cooking videos for Five Chefs One Kitchen You Tube Channel – by Radu Sava

Veridian Symphony live performance, filmed and edited by Radu Sava (2016)